Wednesday, May 3, 2017

NEW Weekly Live sermons

We are now going to live stream to our Facebook page, Riverview Community Church our weekly sermons. They will be streamed on Sunday mornings. So it is perfect if you're just checking out our church or if something is making it so you are unable to attend.

Be sure to check us out on our website:

And visit us on Facebook! At Riverview Community Church

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Monday, April 24, 2017

RiverKids NEW series

The NEW Riverkids series is on "Learning to Travel in the Right Direction"

Be sure to bring your children in to learn how to travel in the right direction with Jesus. All learning has been made fun the incorporation of cars into this series theme. It is available for ages 2-10 every Sunday at 9:15am and 11:15am.

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Easter Success!

Easter Success!

Saturday April 15th was Riverview's 3rd annual Easter Egg hunt at Toteff park, downtown Kalama. The Easter bunny was there along with an exciting puppet show featured afterwards. There was a great turnout! So many people form so many different places all came together a packed out the park in search of the hidden eggs. 

Along with an awesome Easter egg hunt Riverview had 3 services in honor of the holiday. One on Saturday night and two Sunday morning. Pastor Rob Neuschwander preached a great message on "The Same Power." The same power that rose Jesus from the grave Easter morning is the same power that lives in us. It was a very powerful message that everyone who attending got something from.

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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Palm Sunday!

Last Sunday, April 9th 2017 was what is known as Palm Sunday. Palm Sunday is celebrated a week before Easter. It was when Jesus came into Jerusalem riding upon a young donkey, just as prophecy had said. The people had cried out "Hosanna!" and laid palm leafs in his path to honor him.

The sermon Pastor Rob had preached was on "A Different Jesus". The theme came from when Jesus the Messiah was put on trial against Jesus Barabbas. Many are unaware that Barabbas' first name was actually in fact Jesus. And that Barabbas literally means "son of the father." So the people had to choose between the two and they choose to free Barabbas and not Jesus the Messiah. Pastor Rob used this to show how people will choose the wrong Jesus, as the people in Jerusalem had. A Jesus not of the bible. Barabbas represents a Jesus that says hate your enemy, love yourself...ect. While the Jesus of the bible says die to yourself, love your enemy.. ect. So people often pick the self serving non biblical Jesus just as they had picked Barabbas.

It was a fantastic message, as usual. Everyone be sure and try to attend one of our Easter services! We have a Saturday night serive at 6:00pm, and early morning service at 9:15am, and a later Sunday service at 11:15am.

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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Easter Egg Hunt on the 15th of April!

Date: April 15th, 2017
Location: Toteff Park, Kalama, WA 98625
Time: 11:00am
Cost: FREE
Riverview is hosting it's annual Easter Egg hunt on April 15th. Admission is free so bring all your kids ages 0 through 10. There will be plenty of eggs, and there will be sections for each age group. The Easter bunny will be there too! So don't forget to bring your cameras to take pictures of him with your kids! A puppet show will also be put on for the kids to enjoy after all of the eggs are gathered. 
The egg hunt starts at 11:00am at Toteff park in Kamala, WA. 
Hope everyone can make it!

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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Riverview's 8th Anniversary Dinner

Riverview's 8th Anniversary Dinner

     Riverview was founded in 2008, and our story is actually quite amazing. A group of people including our pastors Rob & Becky Neuschwander prayed over the Community Building, praying for God to make a way for them to be able to build a church in Kalama, WA. They had zero funds and nearly no where to begin. Fast forward eight years and we now own our own building, have been responsible for many mission trips to places such as Haiti, Uganda, and many parts of Europe. We have had a huge impact in the youth and children in our community. And have grown in many other ministries such as Thirst which is a worship night every third Friday of each month. We appreciated everyone who attended our celebratory dinner to honor our many pastors, staff, and the amazing volunteers.

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Thursday, February 2, 2017

RiverKids Trip to the Zoo

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Our Riverkids are going into the Pride Lands this month as they begin their February Series, Guard Your Heart (Prov. 4:23). To celebrate the end of their series, on the last Sunday in February, they will be taking a trip to the zoo! More details can be found below, and be sure to pick up a registration for your child(ren) at church this Sunday.

Date: February 26th
Time: 1:00-5:00pm
Location: Departing and returning to the church parking lot
(6325 Old Pacific Hwy S, Kalama)
What to Bring: a sack lunch, water bottle, coat, close toed shoes.
Cost/Deadline: Cost is $12/child. Includes transportation, zoo admission, and a Riverkids T-Shirt. A filled out registration & $12 must be turned in for each child going by February 19th at church at the latest. After this date, children are still welcome to come but must come with a parent/guardian and pay their admission/parking.
Ages 2-5 & over 10
While children ages 2-5 and over 10 are welcome to come on our trip, we are not providing chaperones for this age. Parents and guardians are welcome to come, carpool with us, and pay their and their child’s admission but they are responsible for their child(ren). In this case, no registration is needed.

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